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Machine 19 Sep 2018


Some machines are really smart. They may have been designed with intelligence. They may perform complicated tasks.

Yes, I like machines. In 1966 the Philips company existed 75 years. To celebrate this, the company build the Evoluon in Eindhoven. The Evoluon was and is a very beautiful and futuristic building. It hosted a youth dream: a science exhibition. I have visited the exhibition quite some times and really enjoyed many of the artful demonstrations. Today's picture is constructed from an image of a machine I saw in my youth in the Evoluon.

The exhibition closed roughly at the 100th birthday of Philips. (1991)



Yes, machines may impress us. They can be dangerous. They can take over all kind of human work. They may have a potential to destroy human life.

Future of machines?

As it is now machines supplement human effort. They help mankind.

It seems a long way to go till machines can maintain themselves and care for their energy sources.

In other words: for the coming decades humans still keep the machines running. And without energy and maintenance they stop. If no-one cares for their their inputs, they hardly can provide useful output.

Sleep well!

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