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Logic 14 Sep 2018

Kinds of Logic

There is machine logic and human logic. They are quite different. Let me explain what I mean with Machine logic. That is a legalistic or digital logic. A simple example. With logic bits of information that only can be True of False you can build computers and machines that function according to strict rules. Human logic, whether it be men's or woman's logic, is more complicated. Perhaps mankind does simply not behave logical.

Mankind's logic

I do what I like. I can not do what I fear. I can do what I am familiar with. I do not like to make mistakes.

I may live in slavery of my emotions.

What would actually be a logic person?

Logically spoken a person should be happy and free. We only are free when we are not enslaved.

But I am free!? No-one is my boss. I can do what I like!?

Perhaps you can. I find myself wondering what I like and more specific what I like for a meaningful and healthy future.

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My logic

I would have to refrain from things that damage my future. I can only see a good future where I relate to other people. No human person can protect me against death. Humanly spoken I have a very limited future. Logic would say: enjoy while you still can. Alas, no drug, no drink or food, nor sex, none of those things can fill my desire for peace and love.

My peace is disturbed by the suffering of my fellow people. What does logic tell me? My logic is this: I do not want to be indifferent.

But I am indifferent. Logic says: change, try. That is the road with a future.

And yes: I am afraid, but not without hope.

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