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Idiot 5 Sep 2018

The history of some words is awesome. That certainly applies to today's topic. Today's meaning reminds little to the meaning a 2000 years ago.


That is the Latin language root from a not so friendly noun to address a person. The meaning was crude, illiterate, ignorant.


Now we have landed in the old Greece. At that time the meaning was among others: private person, individual, not an official, a common man, a person lacking professional skill and finally ... a layman.

idiot idiota idiotes


Jesus told us not to say 'raca' to anyone. Perhaps meaning something like idiot. Being honest I do not believe that the Hebrew raca can be related to the Greek Idiotes, But the change in meaning from Idiotes to Idiot raises the idea if 'raca' could have had a different meaning as well.

Some thoughts ...

The word layman of course reminds me to priests and the church.

Do not call anyone Idiot ...
could perhaps be 'modernized':

Do not call anyone Layman with a meaning: incapable to contribute to the church's mission.

We all are called to work on the mission of the church
and we need figure out what the mission is most of us.

No-one should be treated as an idiot.

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