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City 21 Sep 2018


Cities should be safe and good places to live. And in many ways they serve us. Many on the world have moved to cities to earn a reasonable income.

60 years ago quite some houses were not even locked. Women seldom had jobs. Usually someone was home. And if not, the neighbours kept an eye on the house. Children played on the roads. There were only few cars.

repetition in the city

Changes in the city

People got more wealthy. I remember our first refrigerator, our first TV and our first car. Since we have to purchase goods, we need more income. Women began to work. We need to protect our properties. So the houses got locked. The cars were parked in the roads and children no more played on the road.

My neighbourhood.

With all our business, cars to go where we like, working in the daytime, few children in the household, I feel alienated in my neighbourhood. Yes my stories end often with myself.

Being honest: I would like the world to be simple. I would like to relate to my neighbours, but the truth is that I hardly know them.

I believe that God wants me to care for some of the needs in my neighbourhood. I am however lazy and fearful.

My fear is that those things soon will take most of my time. I would like better to co-operate with others.


First I hope to live with more people with a desire to care for a few things. Especially for the things where God commands us to care. I do not have excuses for God.

Secondly ... actually there is none. But I know: I find it hard to live with people who care for little more than their own life.

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