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Backspace 15 Sep 2018

Some days ...

On some days in life more things go wrong than usual. Now I am used to make many small mistakes in almost everything I do. My computer has a very handy key for that: ←Backspace. In other words: Undo.

Unfortunately life lets herself not be managed by Backspaces.

key to undo


My stomach does not do well today. Perhaps it is caused by an upcoming influenza. Some parts of the day I feel reasonable, but others not. And there is no Backspace key to undo the pain.

I struggled with spicy foods today. I criticized the cook. And once more there was no Backspace key to push back my words.

I struggled with the Backspace Key of the web-browser in the usage of my website. It simply does not work correct and with Safari Browsers in Apple there are even bigger problems. I studied the problem but could not find some Undo to fix my website's computer code.

Being honest I am proud too. I am somewhat disappointed when there is little response to my website. I can not just push back my thoughts with some smart backspace key.

I have hurt Millet in the past week with not supporting her enough and that without explanation. There is no Backspace to undo my lack of action.

Perhaps I have given too much attention to my website in the past week, and not cared enough for a few other things. There is no Backspace available.

Examination of Conscience

The process above could be named Examination of Conscience. And it may be helpful to do on a regular basis. Focusing just on what went wrong is a too negative approach. We should also face the good things that happened and be thankful for those.

Those who are Christian should ask the Holy Spirit to help them.

In the Specifics above you can see that I am not satisfied with some of my actions. I feel bad. And at least one other person as well feels bad.

There is not a simple Backspace to undo.

There are however some actions that may help a little:
- Smile, relax a little. I am human. I am not expected to be perfect the coming years. And people around me have grace with me.
- I can say sorry to the people I have hurt. I am not responsible for all the responses of people that I have hurt. But by times I can feel some of their frustrations. Just at this moment I ask God to remind me to pray for for people around who struggle.
- I can forgive myself.
- I can ask God to forgive me.

If none of those things help I may need other kinds of Backspaces: sleep and help.

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