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Amazing 6 Sep 2018

There are plenty of amazing things in this world. Amazing is a friendly word with a surprisingly long life. Once something is labeled amazing then for a long time it is expected to be amazing. It is supposed to be an impression not to stop quickly.
The word is not very new but has only a narrow linguistic history or connection. It may relate to the Old-English word amasian with meaning: to confuse, to surprise.

Sense of Wonder.

Something that may surprise us and at the same time may confuse us is amazing.
We can not fully grasp its full meaning and therefore we may end up being intrigued.


Wonder in my Life

One of the wonders in my life is how I met Millet. We lived at 9000 km distance and still found one-another.

After almost 15 years of knowing Millet I am still amazed. And still intrigued what God plans to do with our lives.

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