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About 30 Sep 2018

What do i think about God?

Who can create a universe? That is not a human work.

Who can offer me life and even life eternal?

I only want life in truth. Even when it hurts.

If my God can not bring me into a meaningful fellowship with peace for all, my doubt starts.

What I am ashamed of before God:

That I know so little how to love and care for a few things.

Where I struggle with the many times I hurt people around me

Where I struggle with my laziness and excuses.

Where I struggle with accepting people around me as they are today.

What I am afraid for before God:

For my unbelief and doubts

For the words that by times come out of my mouth

For my failure to build unity with even a few people around

For my self-pity and self justification

what I feel about God

What I value in God?

He has given me the opportunity of life

He has given me freedom. He does not reject me when I make mistakes, even when I hurt my brothers and sisters.

He gives me trust in life. And that far before I am perfect.

Whatever fails in my life, He will not fail me.

He wants good things for my life

Where I struggle with God?

When I have to wait while being ineffective

When my prayers for healing of people are not answered

When I can not find Him in my fellow people

Where I can not find ways to fight my pride and my character faults

Where His church is divided

Where I see different religions in the world

Where I miss examples to follow - actually I want to follow Jesus with other disciples

Where I do not see desire for a good future for all

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