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Matthew 23:4-7. Hypocrite Leaders 6 Oct 2023

Mat 23:4 They tie up heavy burdens
and lay them on people's shoulders,
but will they lift a finger to move them?
Not they!
5 Everything they do is done to attract attention,
like wearing broader headbands and longer tassels,
6 like wanting to take the place of honor at banquets
and the front seats in the synagogues,
7 being greeted respectfully in the market squares
and having people call them Rabbi.

Excerpt from THE NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE, copyright (c) 1985 by Darton, Longman & Todd, Ltd. and Doubleday, a division of Penguin Random House, Inc. Reprinted by Permission.

It easily can happen that leaders lay burdens on the shoulders of their followers. A leader can't do all the work himself.
A problem arises when leaders 'require' others to do many things, without even observing if the requirements are doable or realistic.
Such a leader makes his followers sick. They will be overburdened.


Jesus, I pray for caring and realistic leaders and teachers.

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