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Matthew 1-2. Isaac. 3 Oct 2022

Next in line of Jesus ancestors is Isaac. There is no war or violence in Isaac's history.

Isaac did not even choose his own wife. God provided however. His wife, Rebekah, was found at a well. She behaved kind and she appeared to be good in decision making. Clearly the blessing of God was on Isaac's life. In kindness, Isaac behaved responsible. He dug several wells causing trouble, before he finally got one at a place with peace.

Isaac understood the art of listening to God. He reached a 180 years of life, a five years longer lifespan than Abraham.


God, please teach me the same faith and faithfulness as Isaac had. Make me a man of peace. Teach me to trust your promises.

Self Evaluation

My story may lack direction and style. My writing made me aware of great character of Isaac.


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