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Matthew. Abraham's Blessing. 2 OCT 2022

What makes Abraham so special? He was a man of faith. First Terah, the father of Abram (later Abraham) had sens his son out to Canaan. And then God said to Abram: "Leave your country. I will make you to be a blessing." And Abram went, leaving his father's house for an unknown country.

Abra(ha)m took risks when God instructed him. And thus he would become a blessing for all the world. He trusted God.

Yes, Abra(ha)m took some own initiatives. He made some mistakes. Nevertheless he believed the words of God. He was a man of courage.

Journey with Matthew

I invite you to take journey through the gospel of Matthew. Listen to the words of God. And if God speaks to you, I invite you to trust and to start new journeys. There will be blessing in obeying the words and voice of God.


God, please speak to those who read the book of Matthew. Speak to my heart. And I ask you, to send me on a journey as well.

Self Evaluation

I am not sure if my readers follow my thoughts. They may not be familiar with Abraham's story. I like the example of Abrahan, who was willing to accept a new life.


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