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Matthew 1 OCT 2022

For a long time I consider to write about the Bible's New Testament book of Matthew. Today I make a start.

Verse 1

Roll of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham:


Would you know you the names of the parents of your grand-parents? Most people would not know it. With Jesus, the list goes back 42 generations. Three times 14. The list begins with Abraham. Not with Adam as in the list of ancestors in the gospel according to Luke.

Jesus did not come from the nowhere. He was anticipated from the time of Abraham. For forty two generations. Would my life have been anticipated for 42 generations? I can't imagine so. Even while I believe that God truly desires my life. Would God have desired my life from before the beginning of the earth? As an answer to this question I quote Ephesians 1:4 saying:
Thus He choose us in Christ before the world was made ... and for a purpose.
Jesus, even more than I, was anticipated from before the beginning of time. That is more than 42 generations. And, yes, He is special.


God, my heavenly Father, I thank you for having anticipated Jesus and as well me from the beginning.

Self Evaluation

I am glad with a new theme for writing on my website. I am still seeking for a style and presentation.


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