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I.M. Resented 30 Oct 2021

I never resented eating bitter gourd. The picture below shows some. I like the bitter taste of the vegetable.
To be resented could be when others do not like to have me on their team. They feel bitter and may have unfriendly thoughts about me.


William, I really resent to have you on our team. You are totally worthless and have nothing to contribute.

I think you are absolutely right. I have no experience on the work. You may feel disappointed and angry that you have not been assigned a more skilled person in your team. I as well feel a bit embarrassed that I have so little value to offer in this case. Fortunately you are always doing great with all the tasks assigned to you and I am very sure that I am going to learn from you. Can we talk in what way I can help?


Father God, it is a bit like being crucified. Teach me to accept how I am treated. And thank you for resurrection!

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