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I.M. Rescued 29 Oct 2021

Unsolicited advice is a big problem in human communication. I am not seeking quick fixes for difficult problems. My first need is to be listened to. My pain and frustration need care. It is often not even about finding a solution for one or more problems.
It is hard to rescue someone who does not like to be rescued. I can accept a loss or a failure. I am willing to feel disappointment, pain and frustration. It is however unacceptable when others mingle in and yell that, it should not have been this way if I only had done certain things. Applying a 'should have' to the past is silly.
And applying 'should-do's to the immediate near future is similar.

And thus I do not like to be rescued. An exception is, when there is immediate danger.


There are however a few situations where I have been rescued. Perhaps even supernaturally. I can remember an early morning at 4 a.m. on the road from Roermond to Weert. Our car took over another car because we were in a hurry. Then an oncoming vehicle appeared. In my experience we certainly should have crashed. But it felt as if the time halted ... and somehow we got back safely on our own lane.
On other occasions wise persons adviced against my unwise ideas. Sometimes kind persons around just have forgiven and pardoned my mistakes. Among those are of course my parents, relatives, colleagues and friends.


Father God, thank you for the many times I have been rescued without even knowing. Teach me grace with others.

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