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I.M. Reprimanded 28 Oct 2021

No-one likes to be reprimanded. That is to get an official warning. Usually it is accompanied by some threat. Now, I can reprimand a person, and other persons can reprimand me. In the Philippines it is said that with a pointing finger, one finger points to the victim, three (you try it!) fingers point to the one who does the pointing. With reprimands two persons may suffer. It is a kind of last resort and it can be an act of bitterness, incompetence or a distorted relationship.

Two Parties

Usually with distorted relationships, the communication suffers as well. The mutual expectations are already low. And both parties will not trust a good result from talking.
Thus both parties may have the opportunity to work on the difficulties. At least one side needs to be willing to do work to improve their communication. With two unwilling sides, normally the parties will deviate and hurt one-another.


Father God, help me to learn to deal with unmotivated people. I am one of them. Help me to overcome disappointments from the past, especially where it is about reprimands.

A mirorred finger

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