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I.M. Replied 26 Oct 2021

For some reason I do have plenty of questions. I might be curious about many things. Most of the questions are addressed to myself. Sure enough I do not have answers. Otherwise I did not need questions at all. In the Netherlands we have a saying, that one fool can ask more then seven wise can answer. Asking is easy. And by times I ask my questions to others.


It may happen that I annoy or frustrate others. Questions are easier asked than replied. With easy questions I may get a quick and simple reply. When questions are about simple facts, I can ask Google and usually I get useful replies. I love it.


And what about the harder questions? I just let them rest. Nothing bad happens when I do not get a useful reply. I do not undo or cancel them. The unanswered questions may live. Sometimes I find answers after many years. Once again, I love it.


Father God, You who invites us to ask, as well say: 'and you will be given.' Thank you for your willingness to hear all my questions and requests. Often I am replied. And if not, my requests rest. Please let your Holy Spirit rest on me.

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