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I.M. Repentant 27 Oct 2021

What is wrong on the picture below? Did you notice?
The left road and landscape is the same as the right hand side's. The left half is the mirrored version of the right. Whether I turn left or right ... it makes no difference.
Now, to repent means to turn away from what was causing trouble. If however taking another way, means to do exactly the same, there is no progress. And I must admit, that with turning away from my sins and my faults, it often means that I make the same mistake just slightly different. And that is disappointing.


For truly repenting I need to learn my lesson well. I need to repeatedly practice improvement(s). When there is a repeated practice, even small corrections already help. Learning to do any complicated thing nicely takes a lot of experimentation.
Thus with the process of repenting I need to have mercy and patience with myself (and others).


Father God, Have mercy on me on the road to holiness.

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