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I.M. Renewed 24 Oct 2021

Computers and modern phones get regular updates. Usually the changes and improvements are small. Nevertheless, those small changes and upgrades are important. When I stop learning and renewing myself, I am close to death.

Bread Alone

In the bible it says: "Men does not live from bread alone." What would renew my life?
I do need water. Most of my water intake does come from coffee. It is a pleasure.
Other foods. I do love to eat. It is needed for my renewal.
It appears to me that usually things which keep us alive are pleasurable. It is still hard for me to figure out what else from 'bread alone' gives me life. The bible's answer (Matt 4,4 and Deut 8:3) is simple: "but from every word that comes from the mouth of God."

God's Mouth

God has a mouth, not to eat, but to speak. Although Jesus did eat. How does God speak?
There are two (main?) ways. Through the Bible and through the Holy Spirit. I believe that it should be a pleasure to listen to both. I would expect that the food from God's mouth is more spiritual than the earthly food.


Father God, I would like to learn about the food coming forth from your mouth. I like to be renewed.

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