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I.M. Removed 23 Oct 2021

How does it feel to be removed? USB memory sticks first need to be ejected before they can be removed safely. It sounds as if USB memory sticks get more care than many of us. By times others may take over a job of me without any warning. It may hurt. It also may be a blessing.


I am often very thankful when a friend finishes a job which I could not complete. I am doing volunteers work in a retreat center in Helvoirt (Netherlands). We have 400 guests. And I am frequently interrupted with small requests from our guests. Very often, when I come back from my interruption, another volunteer has finished the work I began. To me, that is a sign of trust and love in our team. I feel blessed in such moments.


Father God, I thank you for places and teams where we trust and respect one-another.

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