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I.M. Remorseful 22 Oct 2021

What are the things I regret? Perhaps I am too proud to regret many things. May be I do not see the damage I did or the hurt I caused in various situations. I could be remorseful and still keep quiet and refuse to care for things which could be cared for.


To deal with the pain or trouble which I caused, or where I shared in the responsibility, is not easy. Yes, there are things which still bother me to a degree after many years. My unfriendly words or deeds are hard to forget.
Fortunately I learned some lessons. One of those is that I really dislike to respond in anger to people around. It is neither helpful nor effective.

Keeping Quiet

Feeling remorseful does not feel pleasant. And therefore I may like to hide or avoid it. I may postpone to make up with some people. And it may separate me forever from some previous friends.
I realize that I can not please everyone in this world. And it is part of life that by times I disappoint some others. Sometimes I regret it, sometimes I ignore my remorseful feelings.


Father God, help me to forgive myself the things I can no more correct. I ask for courage to talk to others and inquire if they have forgiven me. I do not like to feel remorseful.

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