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I.M. Reluctant 21 Oct 2021

There are situations where I feel reluctant to do what I am supposed to do. What makes me feel reluctant? I should not feel that way. Or should I?


I may feel reluctant when others pressure or force me. There may be plenty of good reasons for me to stop my resistance and just do what is good or meaningful to do. Often there is nothing wrong with such a response. On the other end, there may be plenty of bad reasons to give in to forms of manipulation, and especially when I am hurt by the actions.


With planning activities for a day I may ask myself two questions about the issues on my agenda. There are always more things than I can do on a day. 1. Is it important? 2. Is it urgent? That splits up my proposed activities in 4 groups. It is nice to spend my energy on things of the various groups.
I like to perform an experiment to find two questions to deal with requests where I feel reluctant. 1) Is the activity meaningful? and 2) Is it an opportunity to learn? And let me see if those questions help me.
Not meaningful and nothing to learn: perhaps I better refrain, and I have reason to make my point.
Meaningful and learning opportunity: perhaps I should consider it.
Not meaningful but learning opportunity: I may waste my time but may have fun.
Meaningful but nothing to learn: perhaps the work needs to be done.

The two little questions may make it less personal. I can see the good things in the request. I could share what I feel with the request. Some examples are pressured, offended, treated unfair or even honored. I gained the freedom of choice, my dignity.


Father God, teach me discernment and freedom, so that I may enjoy life.

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