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I.M. Released 18 Oct 2021

It seems that the word release has a common origin with the word relax of a few days ago. To loosen. That makes sense. I would use the word release in two ways. First to set free from imprisonment or being tied. The second could mean, to send out or to let it fly.


How good am I in flying? I am good in landing, after a jump. But flying is not my expertise. I guess that I do have some ties which hinder me to do all kind of things. I may easily come up with excuses.
But ... I have been given a life to fly. That could mean: to enjoy my life and to find pleasure in my talents. In the midst of my duties and all the requests and expectations of others, I may feel secure in just being what I am. The question remains if that is joyful.


If there is no desire for freedom of flying, I will stick down to earth where I am. And that is not necessarily bad. Fortunately or unfortunately I do have dreams. I do have a desire to fly. I do have desire to find ways to set others free as well. I only can set someone free if he or she really and truly desires to be free. And that requires first of all a willingness to work on a free future.


Father God, please call many into your joys. Holy Spirit, make me dreaming and guide me into the doing of the flying. I desire to be released.

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