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I.M. Relaxed 17 Oct 2021

The word relax stems from the Latin language. And in that context it means "re-loose", open, stretch out to the original position. Now "to loosen" is well expressed in todays image. Although there it is done in a quite intrusive and rude way, with a machine.


Would there be machines capable to make me feel relaxed? Some massage may help. The intense digging into what stresses me, is still hard for machines. The problem is, that I need to do work myself. It happens in my mind. And machines have a very limited access to my brain.


Scratching may relieve skin irritations. It is somewhat intrusive and does damage the skin as well. Still I am doing it frequent and I even like it. It is a kind of quick fix. It relieves temporary. Is there a loosening tool, digging, that helps for a longer time? Does it need to be 'intrusive'? It sounds like a brain amputation.


Dealing in rude ways with stress does not work. It helps to remove the sources of stress. Unfortunately those sources tend to be unavoidable. E.g. my work is needed for income to live. I can't abandon my children (I do not have children) or other things that of great value to me.
Many of my anxious thoughts are actually intruding as well. They are a) not accurately correct and b) they rob me from my peace. Fortunately there are simple techniques to reduce the intrusive power of my negative thoughts. It takes however a discipline, that too many people avoid or have never learned. when you Google on "cognitive distortions", you easily will find material. (My favorite place is


Father God, teach me discipline in cleaning up my disturbed mind.

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