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I.M. Rejuvenated 16 Oct 2021

Ointment rejuvenates the skin. At least many believe such. What would rejuvenate my mind? The answer could be training or in other words learning. It is vitally important to keep my mind busy with various kinds of challenges. It is a plain truth that I can't stop the aging. Could my life be rejuvenated? Can I become young again?

No, Or?

As far as I can see, death is the destiny of all (individual) earthly life. Whether plants, animals or humans, they all have a limited life span. Good care and safety help them to reach a good old age.
Interestingly all living creatures do have the capacity to produce an offspring. And thus life does not starve out.


There is however something special having the power to rejuvenate. That is when I offer myself, with all that I am, to someone or something else. It could be God, to a marriage partner or to an important purpose. "I really want to be a part of a purpose greater than what I am myself."
It is however costly ... because I have to give all that I am. And I engage myself on a path where I do not control all the business. It is a step into darkness. I first need to 'die' myself. And then, when my desire is big enough, I will fly. I am new.


Father God, let me fly. Jesus, name your price. I am willing.

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