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I.M. Rejoicing 15 Oct 2021

Psalm 126 sings about the returning exiles of Israel:
"He went off, went off weeping,
carrying the seed.
He comes back, comes back singing,
bringing in his sheaves."

In some other translations, the word rejoicing is used. It speaks about a fresh joy. I however must carry the seed on my journey, else I die without joy.

Seeds of Joy

First of all hope, and second faith. An unwavering view on a joy-full future. When I am however exiled or live in pain, it is not easy. It is important for me to have seeds of light on a more bright upcoming time. It could be even a good dream, a desire. A desire is a seed and even fruit of trust in a coming home in a good destination."


Father God, fill my heart with your desire. I thank you for your fresh joys.

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