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I.M. Reflective 12 Oct 2021

It is not me who is reflective in the picture. It is the bathroom mirror. I see myself however in a different perspective. The wall outlet is way too big compared to my face.
The purpose of reflection is to see oneself in a different perspective. The intention is of course to see a more truthful and realistic self-image.


My favorite way is by writing. It takes discipline. Another great way is talking about my own life to someone else. For a serious talk, once again I prepare myself by writing.
In all cases, it is important to be as specific (clear) as possible. Keep it simple and where possible related to present specific events. Usually there is more than enough to learn from just simple and short events or stories. What is short? Perhaps 5 and maximum 10 sentences.


Father God, teach me to be specific and brief in my reflections.

William before the mirror

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