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I.M. Refined 11 Oct 2021

Refining is a complicated and often slow process. Yes, I am of a refined design. Either nature (and/) or God has done a great work over a long period of time. I am however not perfect. And that is just what makes life so interesting.

Human Refining

Is called learning. And the learning never ends. Unfortunately, I may learn many useless things. I may try to master all kind of things that are actually pretty useless to my well being.
I need to find out what is really important to learn for me. There are a multitude of things I can master, and which will not give me any fulfillment. I may die with an empty heart.


I need to figure out what my deepest needs are. I need to learn to be happy and contented with what my life is. I can not be different from what I am. Therefore it helps to be satisfied with what I already am today.
If I have bad thoughts, which make me feel inconvenient, I may write them on paper. That gives me the opportunity to investigate if the 'bad' thought is true and not exaggerated. Usually bad thoughts do lack truth and accuracy.
The simple truth is that I am precious, without any need for being perfect. I am already quite a refined creature.


Father God, thank you for all small and bigger lessons in my life.

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