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I.M. Reduced 10 Oct 2021

Imagine, I got up this morning and my value had reduced with 70% overnight. Fortunately I do not have a big value, so the difference is just ignorable.
Let me say it different. I woke up and 70% of my size had gone. My height has reduced to a mere 55 cm. Millet would be three time as big as I am. Finally justice, some would say. I no more can reach my food on the table. Millet will have to feed me. I truly will be her baby.

My Value

Fortunately it was just my value which had degraded. No big deal. Do you see? My value? It does not depend on a price tag. It does not depend on someone else's judgment.
Usually I enjoy my life and I am thankful for my life.


Father God, I thank you that my 'value' just is derived from Jesus, your Son.

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