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I.M. Redeemed 9 Oct 2021

To deem relates to a destination. Redeeming speaks about a new destination. It may express 'setting free', giving a new different future.

Deemed To?

With no big changes in my life, most things continue just as before. I can manage, or not. I will enjoy, or not. And finally I will get old and die. Without changing direction, I will be and remain what I am.
Is that bad or wrong? Dead or a purposeless life is not exactly what I desire. When I was 35 years old, I heard myself saying: "I do not like to do this (nice) job till my retirement."


I am responsible for my life's destination. And I find it not easy to change direction. Therefore "I seek, ask and knock" as it is written in the bible. In other words, I undertake small explorations into new opportunities. I try to convert from behaviour which is not fruitful. I am deeply convinced that those things will guide me into a totally new life.

And yes, I do like help from a Redeemer and other coaches.


Father God, do not let me down. I trust life.

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