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I.M. Reckless 7 Oct 2021

Many things in life seem to be easy. And still I struggle. Doing new things or doing things different requires taking risks. Usually, there are all kind of safety nets, provisions.

New Life

It is impossible to start new things or a changed life, when I believe that my previous life was totally worthless. Why? First of all, it never is true. No life has been totally worthless. Second, starting something new is not like just turning over a switch. That is witchcraft. Even when you do it in the name of 'God'. A life is a journey of gradually learning and gradually giving up the old. The 'old' is not just one single thing or habit.

Accept Imperfection

No new or changed life is totally perfect. Perfection grows with efforts. Unfortunately learning can only be done with making faults. Because I am not yet perfect.
And fortunately most faults can be caught in safety nets.

Safety Nets

We all learn to work with safety nets or safety measures. In buildings with many people there are fire distinguishers. With electric power systems, there are fuses to limit the danger of a short-circuit. With walking, I take some safety distance from other objects. With sharing bad news, I prepare the one who needs to hear. Bicycles and cars have breaks. People are advised to have some savings and insurances. Rivers have dikes. Governments have armies.
And believers have Jesus Christ to pay the price for their sins. There is however one sin which can't be forgiven. That is the sin against the Holy Spirit. I believe that is the refusal to start the journey of new life. That is the willingness to travel into the not-yet-known.


Holy Spirit, I ask forgiveness for my denials to follow your promptings and directions into life. I really want to get up after my failures and to try again.

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