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I.M. Receptive 5 Oct 2021

To answer a phone call, you need to lift up the receiver. Even in a modern smart phone you find the 'phone receiver' button to take that action.
Just as with a phone I am not always receptive, in a receiving mode. My thoughts may be elsewhere. My hands may be loaded with some heavy or expensive thing. Before I can answer a question, I need to put down my burden. Aye, there it is. Burdens hinder me to be receptive.


In other words, what resistance would I have to listening? Let me try:
Perhaps 'I am too busy' or 'I refuse to listen' or 'I like to annoy or reject the sender' or 'There is too much noise, interference and competing messages'.
Today I like to focus on reasons that I am unaware of. It could be some burden. Something that keeps me busy internally. In my mind, spirit or soul. Some habit could have become a burden, because it hinders healthy communication. The English language word anxiety may clarify this. Some related words are: worry, concern, fear, distress. All those things occupy my mind and hinder my receptiveness. I am dull. And I may be hardly aware of it.

What Now?

Awareness brings me in a position that I can work on it. Hard or easy, it needs willingness to deal with my 'issues'. I can postpone it. Then it will hurt longer and more. Addressing anxieties may be painful. It does however help. I may need some help as well.
A little break. Is it strange or unusual? And is it needed? First, it is absolutely normal for ALL people. Second, it may need action, if I am hindered by it. Do I want to reduce my anxiety?

Work with specific events or emotions that you are aware of. It is impossible to address vague things.
It needs empathy, friendly understanding and acceptance so that I may feel secure to work on the issue.
Sure enough I do have resistance to change. It helps greatly to realize what is good and beautiful about me with those emotions that appear negative or unwanted. Write it down. And memorize it. Usually a trained helper (therapist) can be of great help.
I need to address the wrong thoughts, caused by my emotions. Writing and accepting help are important tools. Things need to become specific and crystal clear. My mind should accept new truths and beliefs about myself.


No it is not easy. Therefore qualified help is useful. Fortunately with modern insights the process has become more simple.


Father God, my prayer today is for communities seeking to assist people with personal development.

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