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I.M. Recalcitrant 4 Oct 2021

When only given one option, sure enough, I like to rebel. When I am asked a question, "Yes or no?", and I feel misunderstood with both answers, I am recalcitrant. I feel manipulated and abused.
I may feel recalcitrant, avoiding to follow the 'rules', when the commanding party does not show empathy to me. Furthermore it feels as if I am robbed from my freedom or rights.


Sure, there is a rebel in me. Unfortunately the rebel has much of a fool. Apart from the fact that the world needs fools, I compromise my own good position. Rebelling makes me unwanted and an enemy. Thus it seriously affects my own well-being. Even when I am 'right'.


I still do have options. As usual. But in my rage, I am blinded and hindered to see them.
1. I should communicate better. Usually that requires a lot of practice and training. I will only learn better communication little by little.
2. First submit and comply to what I am prompted to do. Then I will find out and see where I get. Again, usually, it will not be as bad as I anticipated. And even if the result is disappointing, I did not get stuck in things relatively unimportant.


Father God, teach me flexibility. There is more than one way that leads to Rome.

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