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I.M. Rebuked 3 Oct 2021

Persons who rebuke me could be a parent or a boss. In the Netherlands and some other countries another famous person who rebukes, is 'Sinterklaas'. He, the 'Good Holy Man', gives at his birthday 6 December gifts to all children. The giving is however somewhat conditional. The children are supposed to behave 24/7. And which child never messes it up on some days. The 'Holy Man' knows it all. Sure enough, many children are more that a bit afraid of him and his helpers.


Today I witnessed a military transport of refugees coming from Afghanistan. Families with children had to move from a bus into a huge airplane. On both sides of their path stood (unarmed) soldiers. Pretty intimidating, especially for the children. One of the soldiers, a huge, tall man, squat down and made himself small. He smiled to the children, and they answered his smile. A moment of human beauty. Very different from rebuke.


Father God, teach me to replace rebuke by humanity. I also pray for those refugees for a good future in a great country.

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