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I.M. Reborn 2 Oct 2021

In nature, an animal or a person is born just once. That's it. I am immutable. I am predestined to be what I am now.
Yesterday I read an article of a psychologist Steven C. Hayes, who said that all psychological character test like the Big Five or the Myers-Briggs are 'totally' unreliable to predict behavior a a person. Someone's behavior depends hugely on the circumstances. And those vary over time and life.
In other words, in different circumstances I will behave quite different. Thus I am certainly not of an immutable, totally fixed character.


For many a reason to change comes with a crisis. Of course I can change without a crisis. It is however not easy to make important changes in life without a good reason.
A first reason could be when I am dissatisfied with my present life. I may have unfulfilled dreams or expectations. I may be disappointed with certain issues. I may feel a call to move on. A desire to seek fresh pastures.

From Inside

It is not an external power that can give me a new birth. I will resist intensely and refuse. There could be something like a 'dangling carrot' before a horse to make the animal moving. It may happen however that I move without a planned journey. I know deep inside that I desire to move on.
It should not be a running away from a chaos which I created myself. In that case I will feel guilty with just quitting.


A rebirth comes with a changing desire. If my desire remains on or in the past, I will not start the journey I am invited into. I need to give up my old life. Else I can't start a new one.
In my own life, my desire was transformed at the age of 32 when I had an experience of God. It gave great joy and fresh desires. And yes, I gave up much of my old life. The journey is still ongoing.


Father God, guide me into new life. Please grant me joy, desire and courage.

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