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I.M. Rebellious 1 Oct 2021

There is a lot of reason for being rebellious. No-one is rebellious against the world. It is too big and too vague. A person is rebellious against the 'wrong' in his own neighbourhood or country.
In the Corinthians letter of the bible it says, "We are not to judge the world, but those in our own community." It is about my own direct life that I need to rebel. In that case I choose life. Else I choose death and destruction.

Modern Time

It is easy to see all kind of wrongs in the world. But if I am not willing to adjust my own life, I am corrupt. I have an impression that too many have lost their souls in the security of a corrupted modern life. Too many might mean 95+ percent and perhaps even more than 99%. I am just following the rules. I am fine.
But I am not. I am walking the road of destruction. I have given up my dreams of a good world where I can trust a meaningful future.

Called to Rebel

I am called to rebel against all that is wrong, first in my own life and then in the community where I am a part of. I am called to choose life and not death. I need to repent of my aimlessly useless ways. I am called info a beautiful and trustworthy future. I need to adjust and change. And because to change just a little is not effective, I need to rebel and make important changes in my life.


Father God, please call me into life. Holy Spirit, direct me. Jesus, have mercy on me.

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