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I.M. Deceived 31 Oct 2020

Could it be that I am mostly deceived by myself? More than by others. In my opinion it is very seldom that I am deceived by other people.
I know there is Cyber criminality. There are deceivers around, and still it is relatively unlikely that they target me. Of course I can be deceived by others.
But how is it that I deceive myself? And before I forget ... I do have an enemy, named the devil.

My Thoughts

By times my thoughts are simply wrong. And thus a 'lie' to myself. In other instances I deny a not so good habit or characteristic of myself. I may show myself different from what I really am.
I already may struggle with accepting some truths about myself.
There are masterly deceivers - devils - who feed my thoughts with lies. Usually lies which I myself like. As an example thoughts that certain sinful things are actually not that bad. The devils reason with me, until I 'believe' the lie. Unfortunately I still have a free will, and thus finally I deceive myself.


Dear Holy Spirit, worthy of my worship, for you are God. Please grant me the gift of discernment of lies. And strengthen me to adjust my life where needed. You are holy and perfect. Please be my guide. I welcome you.


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