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I.M. Decadent 30 Oct 2020

Decadent could be decaying in cultural or moral values. For today and for me, it is bad enough to consider the questions whether I am self-indulgent or living a life in luxury.

Philippines as Reference

No doubt that in the Philippines my standard of life would be branded as 'rich'. In the Netherlands, perhaps my standard of life would be considered 'middle class'. But even here people with a small income would consider me rich.
I lack nothing, although my retirement income will be low for Dutch standards.

God as Reference

Perhaps Jesus would consider my life-style as 'decadent'. And that could be based on my unwillingness or inability to convert my life to the standards of the Kingdom of God. Am I caring for the needy and the least among the people?
I may be self-indulgent if I do not take risk to meet the poor.


Father God, as I realize that being self-indulgent easily applies to my life, give me the strength to seek first the Kingdom of God. And where I find it, grant me the desire and courage to steep down so that I can connect to the needy ones.


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