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I.M. Daring 29 Oct 2020

How many people are daring? One out of a hundred? Ai, there is a good chance I am among the not so daring ones. When I know it is important, I am willing to take a risk.
Realizing that in certain matters I am not daring, I like to name some of those issues.

Not Daring

1. I certainly avoid a number of activities where I have a weak performance. Examples are dancing and sports requiring quick responses.
2. I may avoid activities where I get 'dirty hands'. Examples are painting and some mechanical repairs.
3. I am not daring with gambling.
4. I may avoid to speak the truth or important messages to a variety of persons.
5. I may not be as daring as I should with spreading the good new of Jesus.


There is however a special area where I am daring. I am always willing to ask God for help and forgiveness.
Today I pray: 'Father God, please grant me the courage to fail with more things. And help me to dwell in your peace, love and joy in those times.'
I am very sure that I am praying for a road to success!


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