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I.M. Damaged 28 Oct 2020

After a battle, the commander of Star Trek's Enterprise asked for a 'damage report'. Severe damage needs to be managed. In a human life, there may be some damage needing care.

Human Damage

1. My health or body may have some damage. It is clear that I am in need for healing. My left ear is deaf. Doctors however are not able to heal or repair my ear.
2. I may be aging. Some my organs may fail. Usually death comes by some kind of physical damage.
3. I may have been hurt psychologically. Who has never been hurt by another person?
4. When I knowingly sin against God I get spiritually damaged. I will become estranged from God. I start to be afraid for God. I may die spiritually.

The Commander Calls

Today it sounds: "Damage report!" What am I to say to my Commander? "There is no damage, leave me alone."
The Commander will respect my wish, until I will call for help.


Jesus, my heavenly Commander, yes I do have various damage in my life. And I want your help. I come to you with all my burdens. I ask you for instruction for today's life. And I thank you for your care and love.


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