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I.M. Committed 24 Oct 2020

It is the wedding day of two of our friends. Millet and I were able to attend the wedding ceremony. The lovers are now committed. True love is not indifferent. In good times and in bad times they committed themself to stay together. Commitment goes often along with a promise.

God's Commitment

God has promises for those who believe. We have to receive them 'by faith'. Some promises are about an eternal life. Another promise is that God forgives my sins if I confess them and only if I am also willing to forgive others.
As you see some promises have 'conditions'. The love of God is a free gift. But I can only receive this gift when I am willing to love others as God loves me.


Jesus, image of the heavenly Father, please teach me to love, both you and my neighbour. I allow you to bring me in circumstances where I can grow. I ask you to speak clearly in my heart where I need to act or change. Have mercy on me, a sinner. Teach me to care for Millet for she is my most near neighbour.


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