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I.M. Cared For 17 Oct 2020

It feels good when someone cares for me. Usually it is Millet, my wife. I also have a guardian angel. By times my neighbours care for me. I am thankful.


The women from the Philippines are famous for their beauty and for the way they care for others. Millet is a good example.

Inner being

My inner being also needs care. I am the most important caregiver for my mental and spiritual health. I need to grant myself time for rest and maintenance. A good habit is to perform a conscience check in the evening. What did I do this day? I ask the Holy Spirit to remind me. I am thankful for the good things. I consider what caused trouble and what I failed to do. I may ask God forgiveness for the (usually small) faults. So that I can sleep with peace in my mind. God cares for me.


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