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I.M. Capable 16 Oct 2020

I, I am capable of good things and of bad things. I would not dare to say: "This sin will never happen in my life." I do not plan bad things. I am however capable of bad things.


It is wise to plan for good things. It is good to protect myself against opportunity to do bad things. When I am void, doing nothing, I get bored. I will relax and I am not on my guard. I may lower my defense. I play.
My experience is that when I have a plan, I work on it. Plans do help me to show my positive capability. I like to have a few regular activities, which help me to focus on good things. Some things I like on my agenda are: service to my community, care for my wife Millet, prayer, time for family and friends.


Father God, may your will be done in my life! When you do not guide, how can I know your will? When I am in doubt about your specific will, give me the strength to work on a some good things that suit to my capabilities. I thank you for life and talents which you entrusted to me.


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