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I.M. Broken 15 Oct 2020

Broken? This word may not stir up many positive thoughts. Jesus has been 'broken' for us. In psalm 51 David speaks about a broken spirit. Saint Paul expresses: 'When I am strong, I actually am weak'.

My Strength

When I try to control a situation, usually I mess it up. The reason is that I ignore other people and their skills and emotions. I need to 'break' with my habit of wanting to control many things.

Healthy Brokenness

Humility may consider others equally important as the self. I need to break the focus on myself. By experience I know that I even forget to consider what my enemy or opponent plans to do in a game. To survive and even more win, I need to consider others.


Today I ask God for a broken spirit. A spirit of love for others. A spirit of cooperation instead of winning. A spirit of patience and kindness. I am sure such a spirit will produce joy and fruits.


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