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I.M. Blamed 12 Oct 2020

You! That single word points to me. When I hear the "You ...", I already start to feel bad. I am supposed to do something or I am supposed to have done something wrong. That is not a correct thinking. Perhaps the message could have completed as: "You did a great job!". Fortunately most of the things I do work reasonably well.


In my life, this may be an area where people may blame me. By times I need to take actions where I expect a negative result. And I need to repeat such actions till I get a more positive response. That is the road to success. Persistence is needed for all who want to learn and grow. Failure is a step on the road of getting result.

Undeserved Blame

It may happen that someone says: "William, it is your fault." and I am not aware of what I did wrong. I may be used as a scapegoat, someone who is going to carry the blame. It may happen that a much disappointed person cast the blame on me.
Being honest, it is very seldom that this type of blame has done any serious damage to me. Perhaps some "bad feeling", but not for a long time.

I Caused Trouble

By times I do cause trouble, and some blame may fall on me. I believe that it is much better to be blamed for a few things than never having done some relevant action. By times I may have failed in tasks assigned to me. It is part of a meaningful life.


Father God, please give me the courage to accept challenges in life. Where possible help me to make amends where I caused damage. Help me to forgive myself, smile and move on to a new good work.


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