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I.M. Bitter 11 Oct 2020

Would you know some person who stirs up unfriendly thoughts when you think about him or her? I may have been disappointed or betrayed. It may have been a long time ago and still I am bitter.
My emotions may become bitter when I try to win a 'war' and with normal means I was not winning. I may have turned to foul play or come up with evil methods. I needed to win. It may be hard to forgive myself later, because I acted mean. Even winning may leave bitterness with myself.

I am Responsible

I am responsible for my unfinished business. It does not feel good to feel bitter. It is not nice to have lost a friend because I could not forgive.
Bitterness speaks about a history where some unpleasant things happened. Something inside of me blocks. Some hate creeped in my heart.


Dear Jesus, I seek your help. I struggle with bitterness and unforgiveness. I do not understand why and now I ask for the help of your Holy Spirit. I am willing to face my pain. Please help me to forgive those who have disappointed me. Teach me how to love my enemy. I pray for blessing for those who have hurt me. They are valuable persons. Teach me to love those whom you already do love. Have patience with me.


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