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I.M. Betrayed 10 Oct 2020

My trust has been broken. The bond of trust has gone. Trust connects. It feels good when I can trust someone. And it is hard to repair broken trust. Therefor betrayal hurts intense.

Lost Security

The more close I was to a person who has betrayed me, the more it will be painful. Betrayal may bring me into unsafety. I may lose money, a job or get a powerful enemy. Betrayal may leave me defenseless.

Peace and Trust

I want back my peace and safety. It may however be impossible for the first moments. I need hope and trust for regaining my broken security. First I need to accept my loss.


Oh God, in you I seek refuge. Be my shield. Guide me into acceptance of my problems. Please give me courage to face my situation. And grant me the strength not to revenge. You are the one who is able to turn everything into something good for those who love you. Thanks for my life. I ask you to protect and sustain it.


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