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I.M. Ashamed 8 Oct 2020

If I would be shameless, would that be good? Shame may hinder me in doing certain things. I should not be ashamed with asking questions. I may be ashamed for what other people might think about me. I may be ashamed to ask for a favor. Often I am not even aware that there is shame with me. Too seldom I ask for favors.


Feelings of shame make me hiding. I do not like to be observed by others. What could I be ashamed of? I may think that others consider me ugly. That is fear. I may be ashamed for my body or my not so nice clothes. For some reason I have a desire for being clean and reasonably dressed. I do have some pride.

Ashamed for what I did

I may have given way to lust, a strong desire, and have done something which I can't repair. I am guilty. And I feel ashamed. How could I do such a thing? I am no more 'clean'.


Jesus my redeemer, I call on you name. First I ask you to forgive my sins. Give me as well courage and strength to forgive the sins against me, done by others. Secondly I ask you to heal the wounds where I reject myself and my own needs. Please grant me the grace to forgive myself for the wrongs I did. Finally I ask for the grace to accept the beautiful life you have given to me. May your light shine in me, so that I reflect your goodness.


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