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I.M. Annoyed 7 Oct 2020

Not many persons are indifferent. When Mr. X talks to me I have emotions. I may agree or disagree. I may feel pleasant or the opposite. I may feel irritated or annoyed. When Mr. X irritates me repeatedly the annoyance grows. When I am much annoyed I may get angry. It is however my response. And I have choice how to respond.

Some Responses

I can smile. I can slow down and breath intensely. Both options help me to relax.
I can tell Mr. X that I am annoyed by his words and explain to him why. Perhaps Mr. X shows understanding and my annoyance melts away.
When I am interrupted and asked to do something which I do not want to do at that moment, I explain my unwillingness now or I can propose to respond somewhat later. When it is a small interruption, often the easier way is, just to do it. Preferably with a smile.
When I must wait for Mr. X, it helps to think something positive about him.
When Mr. X made a small offense against me the simplest way is to smile, forgive and forget.
Still I may get angry. I may spoil Mr. X's day. I may spoil my own day. Perhaps time to say sorry to Mr. X and to forgive myself.


Father God, please bless those who annoy me and especially Mr. X. Holy Spirit, please grant me peace, love, kindness, patience and some wisdom. Please remind me that Mr. X is a loved child of you. Thank you for Mr. X.


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