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I.M. Angry 6 Oct 2020

Who is never angry? When I was young I thought that it is normal to be angry once in a while. The 'normal' meant however that it is acceptable. Over the years I learned that my anger is seldom productive. Actually I began to realize that I did not like and want my anger. I did not like my 'destructive' behaviour. When angry I found myself saying things which I regretted or which were at least ineffective. The anger did not just affect my speech but even more my non-verbal communication.
I do not get angry on most days. And I never woke up angry.


After a conversion experience I began to express that I did not like my angry responses. I realized that it did not produce good fruits. That 'wisdom' made a difference. It did not totally solve the problem.
I began to understand better what triggered my anger. Supposed injustice, not being understood properly and my impatience. Incidentally not being able to hear enough.
More improvements came when I began to ask God to give me more love for my neighbour. Again improvements came when I asked God to increase and protect the joy in my heart.

I am still easily somewhat annoyed and impatient. When I cause trouble with my impatience I have learned to make effort to listen better how other persons respond.


Father God I pray for those who struggle with anger. Help them to understand the power of the 'gift' of anger and when the gift is used in improper ways. Teach us to solve issues with love, kindness and respect. Help us with listening well to the people which annoy us or stir up our anger.
Help us to realize that change comes with small steps and with trying and practicing other behaviour. Skills need to grow.


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