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I.M. Aloof 5 Oct 2020

Some synonyms of the word aloof are unresponsive, distant, unapproachable. It may happen when I am focused on some work or thinking intensely. But when behaving aloof, it is purposely. I may be offended, disappointed or perhaps just shy. My behaviour may hurt or disappoint other persons.

I can Choose

When I am hurt or disappointed, I could forgive. Or I could talk to the other party and share what has disappointed or frustrated me. Usually it is not easy to reconnect. And my acting 'aloof' may make me aware of my negative feelings.
It is pretty normal that by times I just like a break. To have some time for myself.


Heavenly Father, it is easy to shy away from people who may have expectations towards me. But it does not bring me in good relationships with them. Where I am hurt by others, please give me the strength to forgive. Teach me how to communicate when I feel aloof. Open my heart both for my own needs and for the needs of others. Holy Spirit, guide me in expressing my own needs. Thanks for your goodness.


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