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I.M. Afraid 4 Oct 2020

Some wise person has observed: "Perhaps we suffer most from fear of things that never will happen". Fear of things that could happen in the future may paralyze me.

Some Fears

I may be afraid for illnesses e.g. Corona. As a consequence I may be afraid to leave my house and to meet other people. It affects my social life and my well-being.
I may be afraid for my financial security in the future. Perhaps I do not like to spend money for pleasures now.
I may be afraid for failure. I may develop an attitude of procrastinating.
A pretty human fear is being afraid of the opinion and judgement of others around. I may be afraid to express my opinion. I postpone expressing what actually should be expressed now.

Fear has consequences

Where I struggle with fears, I avoid things, persons and duties. When I am honest, being intimidated by fear hinders the normal life. Some fears lead to wise actions (safety) while others lead to irresponsibility.

Fear Hides

Fear leads to automatic trained responses. That is for my safety. The automatism hides however the accurate reason. By times I need to listen to my fear. I need to give it a 'name'. E.g. I am afraid for punishment. And I end up with lies. That gives me the opportunity to consider if the fear for punishment is realistic and if it is so severe that I need to lie and feel bad.


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